Today : House hunting


 Pillow Case; print Front only


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Rolling by making little suprises Angie Santason 2, Ange had picked me up with delight I made for home on the otherside of the map unfolded at Wistful I rang her numbers each one set a trend she found usful Someones here  I says. pokie little bastard

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she replies in a sentence which didn't leave a lot of room for her kernel Shall we buy a dog I said I'd walk him for you and took her to the Moor to see annuals filming her with the kite while I had the dog after I got home after a shower there was a space and we looked at Jesmond Dene too

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 both lane in coats crisp she smiles and she edges near nearer by the day id had Amazon on the line and had to tell her the deal colossal intensions reigned in a ears I heard the band from altover pass yard where id sat today watching her suprises 2,  there were more than a thousand items to ship across to Amazon she studied the computer work needed was very easy too easy for her with a figures  after shipping everything across to Amazon we'd lay back a while somewhere in scene that provoked as we looked at the markets poured tenders all the work had been done in no time and we took off together for hover port well the bulkin world orders in the serial suppliers had cost the bank a demand in the balance you all knew  I needed a BMW street and calling home wellmoviemanor canned a  in there


                    The 1st




The Annual...  I took a ball and tied the dog and she took shots So I took out me torso and she arranged a face. All a work friends fancied an office callender and lolibags had lifted heads so the box was heavy heaven it out infront of the dogs collar this bought a fags turned rags into films and an empty box

Train Set

3, boys Big Jim included focus as you haftoo in the lo-tight light under lofts ceiling the sort of place boys see as ok.

  REV2.. Playing with four players is good to rehearse with another in backed out stays around happy to ideal suit.
 At 8 its easy to enjoy this without bet. rules need explained first.  The Banks the game who has it wins at the end. Having pontoon wins it, find out what this is any picture card with ace thats it. a 10 with an ace being 11 makes you 21.
 Only two cards each, with the idea of winning by scoreing the max - 21.
In turn either twist ( take a card from dealer  ( the banker ) ) or stick if you can win with what you've got if you have under 17 you have to twist scoring over 21 busts you ( cards thrown in )  game goes on by rounds eyes check who the winner is with fancy ace and 5 card trick play plus the pontoon genral eye.  banker always deals a bonus of being the bank 'n big shot is  in a draw with any of the others you raise one above by law to win.  Only a five card trick beats the bank but still doesn't take it, only pontoon does or can. If you get a pair of aces dealt you can play two hands in rule and score double chances at game. An ace can be used as eleven or one ( outside a pontoon. ) 
( a 5 card trick, 5 cards adding up to 21, or less and of course beats 21 if played )
( each player takes his turn to full amount )

what a presentation oal jamie. A beautiful master piece the green board prize track locoz and transformer landscape a bridge I see and the jolly ride short lived